Top 5 Vacuum Bags 2014

Tuesday 15th January 2019

2014 is all but a distant memory and with the beginning of a New Year along comes a new batch of 'best of' lists.  In not missing the proverbial band wagon we have decided to jump on board and produce some of our own best of lists starting with Top 5 Vacuum Bags 2014.

The following list might struggle to get a prime time slot on Channel 5 but it’s important to us and to our trade customers so here it goes, drum roll please:

In 1st place and no real surprise its our very popular Numatic Double Filtered Paper Vacuum Bag, suitable for Henry, Hetty and James.  The part number for our winner is SDB48.

In 2nd place we have the Genuine Miele GN Vacuum Bag and in 3rd place its the Genuine Miele FJM Bag.  The part numbers for both are SDBMIELEGN and SDBMIELEFJM.

In 4th place we have the Genuine Numatic Helpa-Flo Vacuum Bags and in 5th place is the Nilfisk Family Vacuum Bags.  The part numbers for both are SDB604015 and SDB251.

Will our Top 5 Vacuum Bags for 2014 stay the same for 2015 or will the order change and next year see a new winner adorn the podium?
Top 5 Vacuum Bags 2014